Samsung Galaxy S10 with Exynos 9820 Processor and a Dedicated NPU

The first tech giant to introduce a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit) to its devices was Huawei, who used it in Kirin 970 and Kirin 980, which will make its appearance in both Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. Now it looks like Samsung might follow in their footsteps, implementing a dedicated NPU on its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. This addition will surely improve the overall user experience by expanding a set of abilities of this smartphone. A LinkedIn profile reveals more details about the company’s plans for 2019, including the introduction of its second-gen NPU.

The second-generation NPU to be used on Galaxy S10

According to the LinkedIn profile, Samsung is likely to introduce a second-generation NPU on its highly anticipated Galaxy S10. At the moment, we do not know anything about the possible features of the NPU, as these were not mentioned on the profile. Still, with the addition of the NPU, we will surely see a much smarter Galaxy S10. One of the likely features could be the preloading of frequently used applications, which would shorten the time they need to open once we tap on the icon. Another possibility could be the ability to prolong the life of the battery by wise management of the apps.

The NPU and cameras

A dedicated NPU could also greatly improve the abilities of the camera. For example, it might allow us to take pictures as close to reality as possible by using color correction and some other algorithms. It could also improve the stability of the camera during filming and taking pictures.

As we have already mentioned, we do not have any details regarding the possible features that might come with the NPU, but we know that this could be a great step forward for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

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