Error 3194 – What It Is And How To Fix It

Error 3194 shows up when you’re trying to upgrade your iPhone, iPad or other Apple products to a new version of its operating system, or restoring it from a backup….

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Touch ID not working

Touch ID Not Working [Full Fix]

Touch ID authenticates your identity on iPhone or iPad, so if it’s not working, you won’t be able to use fingerprint scans to unlock and access your device. You won’t…

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iphone tethering not working

Fix iPhone Tethering Not Working

iPhone tethering is a useful feature in iPhones that lets you use it as a personal WiFi hotspot for accessing internet on a laptop or other devices like your iPod…

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Gmail not working on iPhone

Gmail not working on iPhone – You Can Fix That

Gmail is the top email service provider used on the web today, but as easy as it is to use, it also has its flaws. If you find Gmail not…

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Is Your iPhone Obsolete? Here’s How To Check

Did you know that Apple keeps a list of vintage and obsolete products that is updated annually? This means there are factors that would make your iPhone obsolete and thus…

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