Google Chrome theme

How To Change Your Google Chrome Theme

Tired of the same boring look on your Chrome browser? You can change your Google Chrome theme and modify the look and feel of everything from the background color of…

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Blank Google Maps

Blank Google Maps In Chrome [FIXES]

You’re looking for directions to a place you’ve got to go to urgently, or someone really needs the map but you see blank Google Maps screens in Chrome. Nothing can…

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Disable JavaScript In Google Chrome

Disable JavaScript In Google Chrome – How To Do It

There are several reasons why you’d want to disable JavaScript in Google Chrome or any other web browser, but the main one is for security purposes. JavaScript code can present…

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your connection is not private

Your Connection Is Not Private Error In Chrome [SOLVED]

At one point in time, you probably tried to connect to a specific website link from your Chrome browser and got a message that says Your Connection Is Not Private….

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google chrome black screen

How To Fix Google Chrome Black Screen

A Google Chrome black screen is a known bug that users of Windows 10, 8, and 7 devices have experienced. Its simple to fix with the solutions in this post….

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