You Can Finally Summon Google Assistant Via Your iPhone With Your Voice

Up until now, the only voice assistant that you were able to summon and control with your voice on Apple’s devices was Siri. This has been changed and from now on things will be different with the latest version of Google Assistant for iOS.

Add Google Assistant’s phrase to Siri

Now, with the latest update, you have the chance to add Google’s Assistant’s “OK Google” phrase to Siri. You can also add your own custom phrase, of course.

In other words, you are able to summon Siri and ask it to invoke Google Assistant using your voice: “Hey Siri, OK Google.” Siri will be opening the Google Assistant app for you, and then, you’ll have to say OK Google again to start asking your questions or issuing commands.

This does not quite seem like an actual feature, it looks more like a workaround, as you will have to speak three phrases to get to use Google Assistant compared to only one which you use for Siri or Google Assistant if you’re on an Android device.

How to get Google Assistant on your Apple devices

Anyway, if you’re curious how this works and you want to give it a shot, you will have to update to the latest version of Google Assistant via the iOS App Store.

Business Insider says that you might get prompted to “Add Google Assistant to Siri,” and then you have to tap “Add to Siri” and add the Google Assistant summoning phrase that you want.

Otherwise, you have to go to Siri’s settings in iOS and tap on “Add OK Google To Siri” manually.

As “complicated’ as this new “feature” might seem, it’s in fact really useful for people using iOS devices and Google devices.

It’s highly effective even if you don’t own Google devices because from now on, you will be able to use Google Assistant as your chief voice-activated assistant instead of Siri.

This is great considering that overall, GoogleAssistant is smarter and more useful than Siri.

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