Black Friday 2018 – The PlayStation 4 Will Be Cheaper Than Ever And It Is Not The Only Great Deal Sony Has To Deliver

Since we have only a few days left until this year’s Black Friday, the early video game sales have already begun. There was a recent announcement from Sony regarding its sales and it stated that it had sold approximately 86 million PlayStation 4 units all across the world, which turned it into the most popular video game console available on the market right now.

Naturally, these numbers will continue to grow during this year’s holiday sales and especially during Black Friday. The Special Bundle will drop the PS4 to the lowest price it ever had and the console’s virtual-reality headset and the PlayStation VR will have some steep discounts as well.
These come together with a $200 bundle from Sony, which will be make it one of the most inspired gifts during this holiday season.

The Japanese giant will offer the rethought slim product with the year’s most
popular exclusive feature for the PS4. We are talking about ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’, which is an adventure happening in an open world, meant for gamers of all ages and when it massively launched back in September it managed to break all sales records.

The PlayStation VR represents one of the virtual-reality headsets which were received best and it apparently just reached its lowest price point so far. There are a few PlayStation VR bundles coming with various titles but what seems to be recommended during this period is the ‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission’ and the ‘Moss’ bundle. Both games were launched earlier this year and they provide a wonderfully immersive VR experience.

Those willing to pay a bit more can opt for the ‘Creed: Rise to Glory’ or the ‘Superhot VR’ bundle which come with two PlayStation Move controllers, providing a slightly better value for the price. ‘Superhot VR’ is also one of the most exciting VR games which you can play since it makes full use of the VR headset and the motion controls.

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