AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor 3.12.1 Comes With A New Eraser Tool

Are you looking to make your photos better until they will almost reach perfection? The
developers of AirBrush believe that all users should have access to the best editor and filter
tech directly at their fingertips. Also, AirBrush continually updates itself with new effects and
features in order to stay as up to date as possible with editing standards. This helpful app is
ideally designed to be the best photo editor, coming with user-friendly retouch tools, natural,
beautiful results and cool filter options.

Features of AirBrush 3.12.1

First of all, we all try to be as presentable as we can in our photos. With its ‘blemish and pimple
remover’ feature, AirBrush will allow you to say goodbye to those unwanted characteristics.

Through the use of it you can get rid of unwanted spots with just a tap of a finger. You can also
add a swipe of blush in order to bring some charm and radiance to your photos.
Another benefit of AirBrush 3.12.1 is that it is capable of whitening your teeth in order to take
your smile on to the next level.

The teeth whitening function will allow you to make your smile
shine brighter without over-whitening and making it seem unreal. The brighten feature will
enhance your eyes to instantly light up your features.
Retouching, editing and even tanning your skin will be possible to achieve glowing perfection
with just a few swipes.

Then, you can slim, reshape or lengthen any area of your photo in an instant with just a few
moves of your finger. Besides its HD editing features, your AirBrush editor will also come with
tools allowing you to crop, blur, slim, stretch and tune your pics for a dramatic, beautiful and
artistic touch.

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