Huawei Mate 20 – First impressions

The hardware designs featured on Huawei’s products have always impressed, and it seems that the Mate 20 carries on in this tradition. That’s because it comes with a stunning design, a unique triple camera system and a gorgeous edge-to-edge display. Naturally, like every good story, it has a bad side and that is represented by the fact that the Mate 20 is not available in the United States, like the other Huawei smartphones, at least not officially.

It seems that Huawei started to plan since last year to finally enter the United States’ market with its excellent Mate 10 Pro. However, the statements made by President Trump seemed to have scuttled those plans since Best Buy, AT&T and Verizon dropped all their plans to offer this device to consumers.

During this year, Huawei hustled and it became the second biggest smartphone maker in the world, overtaking Apple. This is really impressive especially because this company can’t sell its products in the United States, which represents the second largest smartphone market in the world, following China.

Some think that it is just a matter of time before Huawei surpasses Samsung as well, the South Korean giant struggling in the recent years to attract new customers and maintain growth. In late October we received the news that Huawei announced its Mate 20 series of phones and they confirmed the lack of presence in the United States.

A Huawei statement said that “We are not planning to sell the Mate 20 Series in the U.S. While international variants of the Mate 20 Series may be available on some US online retail sites, we encourage individuals to carefully read the details about the warranty and network compatibility before purchasing.”

This shouldn’t stop you, however, from trying to get your hands on this marvel of technology.

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