Google Play Services 14.5.70 Beta Increases The Functionality Of Your Apps

Those looking to update their apps coming from the Google Play store or straight from Google must take a look at Google Play Services 14.5.70 beta. Providing core functionality, this app is an essential component of your Android OS. Through it, you can acquire things like higher quality, access to the latest user privacy settings, lower-powered location-based services, synchronized contacts or Google services.

Make your experience better

The app experience is the main thing that can be improved by Google Play services. The reason for this is represented by the app’s capability of performing searches offline, improving your experience in games and providing more immersive apps. You must remember the fact that there are certain apps that can’t function properly without Google Play services.

Google Play Services 14.5.70 Beta

Google Play services 14.5.70 beta comes in the form of an APK, being the latest one that can be safely used by app developers. If you are among them, then you should know that you will benefit from the latest Google features which will really increase the quality of your app. Google Maps or Google+, there are many opportunities to borrow Google’s immense potential.

Constant updates

After you install this APK, you will see that automatic updates will be provided by the Google Play store. This means that you don’t have to go to the trouble of finding the app and update it manually every time there’s an upgrade available.

Choosing to include Google Play services into your app will not just introduce you to the latest features from Google, but your app’s users will be able of receiving updates faster. Web pages will load quicker, the gaming experience will be better, and your app will become more immersive. Google Play services is truly a friend in need for app developers.

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