Aptoide Provides Users Their Own Store

Those looking for an alternative marketplace for apps that runs on Android must take a look at Aptoide. Aptoide is not like Google Play Store, the default service since it allows each user to manage their own store. Google Play, on the other hand, is a unique and centralized store.


Aptoide comes in several versions available for smartphones and tablets, another one – Aptoide TV – for smart TVs and STBs, and one meant for your kids’ devices – Aptoide VR or Aptoide Kids.

The platform

Aptoide has its name inspired from the Debian package manager – APT – and the last syllable of Android. It is available in over 40 languages, and in 2017 it was used by over 200 million people, the number of accumulated downloads exceeding 6 billion. Aptoide’s various stores contain a range of apps, being possible to find over 800,000 of them.


This Android client will allow you to browse, search and install apps in your Android device. To install this app, you have to download the APK from its official site, or from mirror sites.

Google Play Store doesn’t allow its presence due to a non-compete clause, the same one that blocked the Amazon Appstore. To install Aptoide, you will have to allow the installation from ‘unknown sources’ in your Android settings.

What happens then?

After you finished with its installation, you can add stores or repositories. Besides the apps that come in the default store, you can find many others available in different stores. When you come across the URL of a store, Aptoide will retrieve its list of applications and store it locally.

You can then browse for the one you want, or continue searching the net for other stores. There are numerous apps which you can’t find inside the Google Play Store, so why not try Aptoide?

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