3 Ways of Keeping Android from Using a Lot of Data

There are plenty among us who don’t afford unlimited data plans, and this tends to make us anxious as we try to ration a monthly plan for online videos, browsing or other such activities.

Exceeding the data limit might cost us a bit much and keeping track of it might be too tiresome. Here are three ways of avoiding this.

1. Restrict your background data usage

First, you should find a way to limit individual apps from using up too much data. Doing this might lead certain apps to lose some functionality, such as losing push notifications.

However, this solution might prevent data-voracious apps from overeating your allotment when you are not even using them.

Some apps allow you to restrict their data usage from within, while others will require you to follow a specific path. Open Settings, go to Network & Internet, then Data usage, and open Mobile data usage. Find the app and turn off Background data.

2. Set up limits

Those too worried about apps eating through their data and leading to big bills might want to enable alerts. These notifications will let you know when you reach a certain level of usage.

You can also set some limits to turn off mobile
data when they are reached automatically.
Settings > Network & Internet > Data usage > Mobile data usage > Settings is the path to follow for either case. ’Data warning’ will have you enter a threshold for alerts and ’Set data limit’ is pretty much self-explanatory.

3. Turn them off for good

This is truly the last resort. When you have the opportunity of connecting your phone to a Wi-Fi network, then you should disable mobile data. You can also uninstall apps that seem too resilient in eating up data.

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