Internet Servers can see your Online Activities

Are internet servers monitoring your web activities? Well, Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Network affirmed it.

Internet sites can register the positioning that referred you to get there. You can disable this feature by uncheking it. A web site can also redirect you to a universal resource locator when you access a browser. You can turn this off if you want full control of what sites you access.

Cookies square measure data from files that internet serves keep on your computer after you square measure browsing. In this was internet serves know how many times you visit their sites. Cooking cannot do any harm directly to your data processing system since they are not viruses. However they can trace browsing habits and keep a track. Cookies can record your username making your experience easier but it can also be a security leak.

In order delete the cookies go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies and check “Delete new cookies once exiting Opera” and shut Opera after you are done.

To disable cookies go to Settings > fast Preferences and uncheck “Enable Cookies”.

There square measure set of cookies, domains ending in .com, .net, and .org which Opera can decline no matter what.  Any device that can browse such cookies might get unlimited access.

You can select to permit all cookies or refuse all by choosing Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies and choose from the subsequent options:

  • Accept
  • Accepts all cookies from all sites
  • Accept solely from the sites I visit

It is best to displays the Server Manager, which shows the domains you get cookies from. You can add delete and edit the settings of the cookies.

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