Google Chrome 70 Comes With Picture-in-Picture Mode

After dealing with problems with extensions and then with automatic sign-ins concerns, Google Chrome started to get a bad rep. The American company listened to what the people were complaining about and chose to do something about it. That’s how Chrome 70 came to be.

What did Chrome 70 bring?

Naturally, Google Chrome 70 brought significant changes to its privacy and security settings to reassure people that it still is a dependable browser. Google chose this opportunity to release some new features as well.

Among the handful of innovations, the best-received one is by far the picture-in-picture mode. PiP, for short, allows you to keep watching video content in an overlay while you surf the web in other places.

How do you use Picture-in-Picture?

First and foremost, you have to update to Chrome 70, if you haven’t done it already. To do that, you need to open the menu, click Help and then click About Google Chrome. This would let Chrome check for the latest updates to make sure that you have the latest one installed.

After this is done, you are ready to feel what PiP is like. Another thing worth noting is that if the feature works or not is also dependent on the site’s owner and if they enable this function for that particular site.

This means that you won’t be able to use PiP with every video you encounter. Don’t worry; it works on Youtube, which makes it crucial for a lot of us.

Here’s how you test it out:

– First, find a video and press play
– Right click on its window and this will open the
Youtube menu
– Another right click will open the Chrome context menu
– Here you find the Picture-in-Picture option

The video will play in a pop out as you are on other pages but remember that you still have to keep open the video’s page.

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