Windows 10 benefits of Progressive Web Apps from Chrome 70

Browsers have evolve a lot nowadays, they display more than text and images so web apps are trying to get better and better in the market. Smartphones and mobile apps have changed completely the web apps game and since Google has been at the top of the list, web apps changed their strategies and names.

Google’s new Chrome 70 is expected to get Progressive Web apps on desktop or mobile just as the other apps.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are not using 100 percent of web technologies, just HTML, CSS and JS. The difference between the native apps and PWAs is that PWAs works in any standards-compliant browser, desktop and mobile, but in this case they run on Chrome. But they might not get along as well as the native apps with the platform.

Once installed, they have the icon in the Start menu, and run without an address bar or tabs, fast, reliably and the app window experience is the same as the native apps.

Chrome 70 gives the option when accessing a site with a PWA to install the web app and it will get Mac and Linux support soon. Shortcuts to the PWA apps, on Windows 10, will be listed on the Start Menu, making our lives easier. It will be the same experience as using a native or a Windows 10 UWP app, until you face it with a UWP app.

However these Progressive Web Apps still needs some polishing and fixing before it offers a good experience. Google Chrome showing up the icon in the Windows’ task manager is still a big step to Web-centric and Google-centric world apps.

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