Digital Nomads, These are the Apps you Need


There is a chance that not it is not the first time you hear about Slack. You might have used it working in a startup. Its simplicity gives an easy usage for groups between 5 and 20 members that need to work together. What this app does is it stick together people in one group so they can work in their projects. Within the app, you can also share resources just like using Google Drive and Dropbox.


What is great about Trello is that you can use one app for multiple tasks such as organizing work-related and personal objectives. In a dynamic fashion, you can use Trello as a virtual board, so your team gets organized. Sometimes even companies use Trello during their meetings so nothing gets forgotten and everybody knows what they have to do at the end of it.

Google Trips

You already know that Google is excellent at developing apps that make our lives easier. Whether you send an email from your Gmail address or you are searching for a good restaurant in Italy using Google Translate, you know it has its proficiency. Google Trips is just as great as the others. It can help you organize daily plans, book bundled reservations, and discover nearby attractions.


As a digital nomad, you are 100 percent worried about fly prices. You are always on the search for the best ones, but sometimes you get tricked. In order to avoid that, Skyscanner comes in handy. This app has offices in 10 different cities, and they track destinations and numerous flights from almost every airport on Earth. What is excellent is that Skyscanner gets all its information from the official reservation systems of the airlines, so you will know when a deal is a deal or a scam.

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