Five Must-Have Games For Your New Android Tablet

Tablets were initially created to provide a more comfortable and efficient alternative to laptops and desktop computers. Although the little gadgets pretty much failed, many of them can still perform well when it comes to gaming.

Contrary to what some people believe, gaming with high graphics isn’t necessarily superior to the classic titles. In fact, older games can provide the player a much higher level of strategy, and we’re glad to present you our own selection of ‘oldies but goldies’ for Android tablets in random order:


Although Snake is an iconic title that first appeared on very old Nokia phone models, it requires a lot of practice and attention. The game can now be found widely online in many versions, including for Android phones and tablets. In Snake, you’ll be in charge of a snake that has to eat fruits and other items permanently. The more he eats, the larger he becomes, making him more and more difficult to fit on the screen. You’ll lose the game if your snake touches the screen’s edges or his own tail or the rest of the body. But don’t worry! Everybody ultimately loses at this game! The main goal is to find ingenious and creative ways of lasting as long as possible.


Solitaire is a great way to train your brain, as you can play it either with cards, but also with dominoes. You can grab the well-known Solitaire game for Android devices from the Google Play store. The version is free-of-charge, and it’s currently installed on about 100 million devices.

There are a few types of Solitaire games such as Crescent Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and all of them can be a great experience if you’re aiming for strategy games. You have Patience, Mahjong, Peg, and Concentration. We recommend Mahjong for starters, as it is more commonly played on computers, tablets, and smartphones rather than as a physical tabletop game.

Cut the Rope 2
Cut the Rope 2 is another great strategy game that can make you spend hours trying to find a solution. This game is also free on Google Play, and it can boost your problem-solving skills through mastering levels based on real-life physics. The main idea is to make the cute green creature Om Nom get his desired candies by figuring out the right way – you’ll have to cut ropes, blow up balloons, use the weight of some items, and more. But choose your moves carefully, as any wrong step can result in losing those precious candies and making Om Nom upset!


There’s pretty much nothing else that can train your game more than a good old game of chess. You can find numerous versions on Google Play, luckily, and you are free to try them out on your Android tablet. Scientific studies show that playing chess as much as possible results in improved cognitive abilities and memory, better brain function, strategic thinking, and attention improvement.


Triviador will test your general knowledge, and if it’s good enough, you’ll get to attack castles and conquer territories. This game is the supreme proof that knowledge is power, as the famous Latin aphorism says (‘Scientia potential est’). In Triviador, you can even beat your opponents with pure knowledge and by applying the right strategy.

If you like our list, feel free to comment about your own experiences regarding the games mentioned.

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