What might HTC’s first foldable phone look like?

Like other manufacturers, HTC is considering launching a foldable phone. But the research and development stage can last even years, during which the innovations brought with great financial efforts must be protected by registering one or more patents.

Inevitably, the publication of these patents comes with detailed descriptions of that innovation, sketches and application examples. In the end, even if it does not guarantee the launch of one product or another, patents provide a perspective on future plans for that company.

HTC is preparing a foldable screen phone

After Samsung, Motorola and Huawei, HTC could be the next manufacturer to launch a foldable screen smartphone, encouraged by the fact that this type of product enjoys a solid demand, despite the prohibitive prices.

Unlike the fashion of 3D phones, that of folding phones does not seem to “breathe” too soon, the appetite of buyers and the gap in the low-cost segment motivating other manufacturers to join the new trend.


Existing for the time being only on paper, the first foldable smartphone from HTC seems to be a relatively compact model, with the screen molded on the outside of the case. But this will not be the main distinguishing element, the patent illustrating a hinge concept with prominent edges. Connected by a gear mechanism, the ultra-durable hinge provides two areas over which the screen bends at most at a 90 ° angle, reducing wear resulting from repeated folding. Prominent edges could also be protective, for example, when we place the phone on the table.

However, it remains to be seen how HTC engineers will be able to pack this design in a product with a pleasant aesthetic appearance, the sketches attached to the patent application being not very satisfactory in this regard.

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