Unlock Death Stranding Trophies with this Guide

Only a few days are left until Death Stranding will be released. Many gamers are looking forward to the game, which is developed by Kojima Productions, the studio led by the legendary video games director Hideo Kojima.

Players will have the chance to unlock a wealth of trophies while playing the game. Read below to learn how to unlock most of them.

Homo Faber: Develop all weapons and equipment.

Building Bridges: Level Bridge Link to 1.

Soothing Sounds: Interact with the music player for the first time.

All Roads Lead to the UCA: Finish your first route.

I Couldn’t Hold It In: Pee outside at least once.

Trail-Blazer: Upgrade all structures to the highest level.

Public Service Porter: Dump cargo contaminated by chiralium in the crater lake.

A Shout in the Dark: Shout and receive a Shout for the first time.

Any Porter in a Storm: Complete at least one trade with another Porter.

Rest in Pieces: Cut the umbilical cord without raising the awareness of the BT in a BT area.

Well-Travelled: Travel 80 kilometers and finish an order.

Pumped Porter: Deliver 3,000 kilograms of cargo.

Hooked on Delivering!?: Deliver 700 cargo items.

Boots are a Porter’s Best Friend: Change your boots for the first time.

Snooze’n’ Soothe: Recover health by sleeping for the first time.

Catcher Crusher: Win a battle against a Catcher.

Prominent Porter: Achieve Grade 10 for any delivery evaluation category.

A Baby Blessing: Receive a like from BB.

Childminder: Reach the highest connection level with BB

The Past Guides the Present: Discover and read 100 interviews

The Post Guides the Present: Discover and read 100 mails

The Custom Kid: Collect a fragment of custom data

Chiral Crafter: Recycle your first chiral crystals

Giver of Gifts: Donate items for the first time.

Good Samaritan: Deliver a lost cargo

Well Connected: Achieve level 3 with a facility.

Master Builder: Built at least one structure of each type.

Greatest of Great Delivers: collect all Death Stranding trophies.

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