Pokemon Masters Update and New Features

Pokemon fans all over the world are thrilled right now, as they only have a few more days to wait for the release of the upcoming Pokemon Masters mobile game, being one of the most awaited launches of 2019.

The action of the game will take place on the mysterious Island of Pasio, but there is not much more we know about it. To tease us a little bit more, the official Twitter page of the game took to the social media platform to share some more details with the fans. A series of interesting tweets sparked excitement among gamers.

Two of the tweets contain pictures of the brand new characters that we are going to explore in the new branch of the Pokemon world. One of them is named Lear, who is a “prince of an unknown country.” His story is that he experienced a major defeat that led him to build the Island of Pasio and organize the World Pokemon Masters in order to overcome his weakness.

Next, the Twitter page revealed several other characters, Sawyer / Ravi and Rachel / Chette. They are both part of Lear’s entourage. While Sawyer is part of his staff, Rachel admires his dedication and seriousness.

Next is Brock, but dressed differently than usual. As the Twitter page described, “this special outfit is unique to Pasio and allows coaches and their Pokemon to discover new possibilities.” Even more, it seems that Brock’s Pokemon Partner in Sygna Suit is Tyranitar!

Right now, the game is available for preregistration. As of now, The number of fans that already registered to Pokemon Masters is past 5 million, and we expect it to be even higher by the time of the release.

The official release date for Pokemon Masters is August 29th. Stay tuned to find out more!

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