Free WiFi Internet Tips Anywhere You Are

In today’s world, an internet connection allows us to be a multi-tasking culture; we speak with friends, send e-mails for work, plan our night out and, at the same time, see cute animal videos to brighten our days. Internet is essential and without it, we would not be able to any of that.

So what can you do if you need internet? Here are some tips on how to get free WiFi internet in almost any place you go.

Hotels and restaurants

Most of the time, hotels and restaurants have free WiFi for their customers. All you have to do is to find the ‘unsecured’ or ‘open’ networks and connect to them. The ones that are secured require a password so, if you cannot get one, stick to the open first type of connections.

Third party apps

There are apps that can help you find free WiFi internet. Such apps are Facebook’s ‘Find WiFi’ and We-Fi and they localize the places which have free wireless internet service.

Cable Service

This seems like the easiest way to get free WiFi – cable services usually offer hotspot internet service together with home internet connection.

Jio 4G network in India

JioNet delivers free WiFi all over the country. Just subscribe to them or, if you utilize Jio 4G network, download the JioNet app. After that, you should be able to find the locations with their free hotspot.

Mobile Portable HotSpot

If you do not have a WiFi connection on your laptop you can use the internet on your smartphone. All you have to do is tether your phone’s connection to your laptop.

Hack Free WiFi internet

In the event that you do not have the internet on your smartphone or laptop and you urgently need it, there is one way to get free internet: hacking into someone’s network. Remember that it is not the most legal thing to do.

The last advice: Make sure to use an Antivirus on your smartphone to protect your phone from malicious people and software.

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