Apple’s MacBook Air – A Brief Review

The people from Apple don’t seem to believe in that old saying “you can’t teach new tricks to an old dog”. At least that’s what we feel when we see the new version of the old MacBook Air, a laptop that was very well regarded in the past but that didn’t receive much love lately.

What do people think about it?

Those that managed to get it after its release took it with them while travelling to type important documents, edit photos and overall wearing its battery down. They seem to love the gorgeous Retina display which is an impressive improvement, at least when we compare it to the MacBook Pro.

Here’s the catch

Actually, a lot of the things that might seem new on the MacBook Air aren’t that new at all. The display, for instance, has been used before on other products in some shape or another. True lovers of the MacBook Air won’t care about this fact since we remember that this piece of machinery managed to survive solely on its brand.


Things seemed to have changed lately, as it became ready for some form of reinvention. Other people may say that it has finally caught up with the times. The new version of the MacBook Air comes with a $1,199 price tag which will cover a configuration with 128 GB of SSD storage.

For a model with an increased storage of 256 GB, the price creeps up to $1,399. This is the one that most people will most likely want if they need to keep a moderately full library of local videos, music or photos.

Basically, the new MacBook is at least $200 more expensive than the old one, which represented the sole laptop from Apple that managed to sneak into the lineup with a price lower than $1,000.


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