iPhone XL Update – The Latest News

Apparently, the people from Apple are all set to bring on by the next big iPhone. Dubbed the iPhone XL, this phone will come with a larger screen of 6.5 inches. Actually, the name is still hazy since it could be called the iPhone XL but at the same time it might be called the iPhone 11 or even the iPhone X Plus.

Two more months are keeping us away from viewing the next generation iPhone for 2018 and there is no proof regarding its features. However, this couldn’t stop the rumor mill from doing its thing.

Three instead of one

Another possibility would be that Apple would launch three phones this year, two of them coming with OLED screens and the other one coming with a cheaper LCD display. The less expensive model can open up the market. The top product seems to be a second generation version of last year’s iPhone X model with an OLED display of 5.8 inches.

The second model will represent the iPhone X Plus version, coming with a bigger OLED display of 6.5 inches. It is likely that these two phones will probably come with the same price as the iPhone X, but the third phone of 6.1 inches with the LCD display will have a more reasonable price.

It seems that Apple it trying to make more affordable phones with a bigger screen, as it looks towards introducing more products in the Chinese market.

Bye iPhone X

Another rumor that keeps going around these days involves the iPhone X and its apparent discontinuance. Apple prefers doing this rather than reducing the price and selling an old generation iPhone. This isn’t a surprise since Apple did the same thing with the iPhone 5 and some other earlier phones.

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