Facebook Lite beta Improves Speed and Reliability

Keep up with your friends more comfortable and faster than you ever could with the help of Facebook Lite. This app will allow you to connect to your social network and keep up with it.


Because Facebook Lite comes with an incredibly small size, you will be able to save a lot of storage space, as compared to what you would have to do with the original Facebook app. Furthermore, this app is usable even in 2G conditions, making it ideal for travel.

Classic features

Inside Facebook Lite beta you will find a lot of classic Facebook features. We are talking about liking your friends’ photos, using a Timeline where you can share stuff, searching for people you might know or making new friends, editing your profile photo and becoming part of groups.

Specific features

Your family and friends will feel closer to you, even if you are away from them. Use it to post status updates, and you can also use emoji to convey what it is going through your life at the moment.

Your favorite photos and memes will be shown to your friends, and when they like or comment on them, you will get instantly notified. Find local events, RSVP, or just make plans with your friends.

Since they can like your photos and leave comments, of course, you will be able to do it as well. When you come across a beautiful picture, you can save it in your phone’s albums. You have the option of following people to get the latest news related to them.

If you are interested in any local businesses, you can look them up and see when they open, what people have said about them or how they look like.

Last but not least, Facebook Marketplace will let you buy and sell stuff locally.

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