Adobe Creative Cloud 4.2.42 Improves Your Productivity

If you are new to Creative Cloud, then this app has all you need to get started. From tutorial to apps, Adobe Creative Cloud will prepare you with everything you need to know, regardless of what device you are using or where you are.

Files access

If you are using a phone, then you can add files to your Creative Cloud. You will gain access to browsing, searching and previewing design assets like Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign files. Also, PDFs, XD prototypes, Mobile Creations, Libraries, and Lightroom photos can be accessed as well, both off and online.

By saving your graphics to your camera roll, you can get them from Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock into other apps.

Save what you have completed

Annotations, mark ups, or synching are possible through Screenshot synching which will perform them automatically on your desktop. You will then get a link for easy sharing.


If you would like to share your work with a team, send them comments or designs, and when they send you feedback, you will find out about it through instant notifications. You will reach a broader audience if you publish your work on Behance.

Plenty of storage

Creative Cloud offers you a basic and free membership that includes 2 GB of complimentary storage, which you can use for file sharing and synching.


Lightroom photos – all these photos from the app can be viewed and synced in “All Photos”. Even those you didn’t place inside an album will be yours to see.

Preview offline – the files you viewed recently can be previewed through improved caching, even if you are disconnected.

These two features are new, being introduced with Adobe Creative Cloud 4.2.42 among the usual updates like bug fixes or improvements to stability and performance.

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