ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN 7.1.2 Packs More Power Than Ever

When you are looking to protect your security and privacy, then you need to use a VPN service.

Luckily for you, ExpressVPN 7.1.2 has come out, and it is a really fast VPN proxy app designed for keeping you private. Just a few taps later and you can visit web pages anonymously and securely.

The entire internet is yours to access

ExpressVPN is capable of managing more than 145 connection locations in 94 countries. Also, you can change servers as much as you like since it doesn’t come with a limit for them. Thanks to this feature, you can switch your virtual location as many times as you want to suit your browsing needs.

Anonymous and secure

ExpressVPN 7.1.2 doesn’t play around. It is an essential tool when it comes to security and safety on the internet. It is capable of encrypting a connection, meaning that third parties can’t record or observe your online activity. This makes it more secure than typical proxies.

Why should I choose it?

First of all, ExpressVPN is both easy to download and easy to use on your Android device. Then, you can literally choose from dozens of virtual locations across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe or the Americas.

When you encounter troubles, its customer support team can be reached 24/7 by either email or live chat. It put its focus on a strict privacy policy, keeping no connection or activity logs. ExpressVPN can be used with 3G, 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi and it supports all mobile data carriers. Its encryption comes with TCP and UDP protocols.

What’s new?

ExpressVPN 7.1.2 comes with a fresh interface and provides even more reliable and stable connections. The latest update made it more potent than it ever was, so go ahead and download it on your Android device.

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