Snapchat Beta Comes With Interesting New Features

The creators of Snapchat like to think of it as a camera. Not the classical type that comes with a lens cap and a flashbulb. It represents a new kind of camera that allows you to remain in touch with either your friends or the rest of the world. There are over 180 million people that choose to use it every day for playing, learning or talking – you can use it for some fun pictures as well.

Features of Snapchat

The main feature of Snapchat, probably, is its capability of showing pictures or messages for only a limited amount of time before they become lost in oblivion. Originally, the app focused on person-to-person photo sharing but now Snapchat allows users to share ‘Stories’ which last just 24 hours before they disappear.

“Discover” is another unique feature of Snapchat which allows various brands to share short forms of content which are supported by ads. This app took the world by surprise, becoming a mobile-first direction for social media which was really a new thing back then.


Also, if you are a big fan of emojis, you would love the fact that you can make your own personal emoji. Watch as your miniature self comes to life by either sparking up some stickers or joining you in augmented reality. On Snapchat you can find a Bitmoji for every mood and a Friendmoji for every friend.

New things

The latest version of Snapchat introduces Snap Originals. These are exclusive shows from some of the greatest storytellers in the world and they provide an interactive experience which you can step into and share. Always check for new things on the Discover screen or access

Also, you can now use Cat Lenses. You’ll just have to tap the camera to activate it and start swiping left in the carousel to come across them.


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