Prepare to watch Samsung Unveil its Crazy Folding Smartphone

During its developer conference we expect later today which happens on an annual basis, Samsung’s executives look towards showing off something pretty eccentric: a smartphone capable of being folded.


Now there are no surprises that Samsung suffered some leaks and details about the new device together with a blurry photo of the device have been oozing out to the internet for the last couple of months.

Early reports state that this device will come with a widescreen display which you can fold up like a little book. We expect Samsung to call the smartphone the Galaxy F. Another thing which we expect to happen is the fact that it is a high chance that Samsung won’t show us a physical handset this morning. Instead, we will be showed some photos of the bendy device together with some information regarding its user interface.

The event

All of this is bound to happen at the Samsung Developer Conference, an event set to take place this Wednesday and Thursday down at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

The keynote for the conference during which the phone will be announced begins at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (1 p.m. Eastern) and it will last approximately an hour and a half. The whole thing can be viewed online.

If you are curious about the period when you could start ordering it, then we unfortunately do not know what to tell you. The conference that takes place this week is designed for developers, and the South Korean tech giant looks to deliver key specs and pictures specifically to enable the makers of software to get a feeling regarding its design and how it works.

Revealing the phone this early is one of the ways through which Samsung plants the flag as being one of the companies working on a device with a folding screen.

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