Reasons why Netflix is The Best Streaming Platform

Netflix fans would love to watch their favorite series all day long. The streaming platform is putting all efforts into offering them the best programs, so we can understand why an evening without your favorite show seems like a year.

It’s not easy to create the best and most emerging content, but top quality is supported by suitable functions and cool features. When it comes to Netflix, users have a lot to discover, no matter if they use the platform in offline mode or if they’d rather enjoy the data saving version.

When you know the right tips, Netflix becomes the king of streaming platforms

Everybody likes to spend their free time watching movies and we love it when we can find them in one place. In this case, Netflix becomes our best friend and companion during relaxing moments.

With all the advantages considered, it’s no wonder that it’s almost going global! Around 190 countries from all over the world offer their citizens the possibility to become Netflix subscribers. Of course, there are some restrictions, according to every country’s policy.

The best way to see which programs are available in your region is to look for information on dedicated websites. Ratings from IMDb could help you make an idea on the content. Since the trend is to become international, the company is trying to provide TV series and movies produced in different countries.

The Netflix app helps you enjoy your favorite programs anytime, anywhere

Nowadays, we cannot imagine life without smartphones, so Netflix developed an Android app with built-in filter. Once you download it, you will be able to see the best movies and series everywhere.

The app helps you decide which program to watch, because it presents the most popular films available with subscription. Also, it gives users the possibility to receive notifications whenever new releases are available. Furthermore, you can be informed about new releases if you turn the associated notifications on.

The offline mode is your ticket to movies ”on the go”

Long travels don’t have to be so boring. You can enjoy the time spent in a plane or on a beach where you don’t have access to the Internet by choosing Netflix’s offline mode. Not all videos are available for download on smartphone and tablet, but you can get many of them, as long as you download the titles one by one.

This version of Netflix is practical and won’t charge your phone memory. If you activate Smart Download, the platform will automatically delete old episodes and get you the new parts of the series. You can choose to store the content on your memory card.

You don’t have to use all your data when you are using Netflix

Like we mentioned before, the offline mode of Netflix is a good way to spend your free time in places with no Internet. In order to carry them around, you need to download the programs in WLAN.

The hard part comes when you are streaming through a mobile network. It this case, you’ll need to control the data consumption and the best way to do this is by turning the mobile data off or activating a mode like “Save data”.

Netflix programs come with good subtitles

Netflix users can customize their movies’ subtitles from the personal account. They can choose the text size and whether they would like to have the translation in audio format. The process is easy: go to “My Profile” category from “Your Account” menu and then click on the link which says “Subtitle appearance”. The last step is to customize the subtitle’s text according to your preferences.

These are only a few features which make Netflix very popular among streaming platforms users. You can find more and will have the chance to enjoy the latest movies and TV series anywhere if you become a subscriber.

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