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How To Fix Chromecast Not Working

Chromecast is Google’s ultra-portable media-streaming device that you can add to any home entertainment system, and simply plug and play to stream content from Netflix, Hulu, or your phone. If…

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YouTube 14.13.54 Update Brings Improvements to the Video Player

When it comes to online entertainment, YouTube is hands down the most popular platform. People who enjoy watching online videos will find everything that they need on YouTube and this…

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Brawl Stars: Its Modes Make it a Fun and Exciting Mobile Game

Brawl Stars is the most recent game from Supercell, the mobile developer known mostly for Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. One of the great things about Brawl Stars is…

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Facebook Page Reunites Florida Homeless Man And Dog

James Bryan of Hudson, Florida is a local homeless man who has been reunited with his dog after three weeks. Mr. Bryan became homeless after loosing his farm and then…

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A New Diablo 3 Season is now Available

A new season is now available for Diablo 3 players.  The new content patch will also bring new features and tweaks that will improve the quality-of-life for players from all…

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