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Clash Of Clans Has The Most Exciting Announcement For Fans – New Event Coming Up

Clash of Clans just announced that they would be holding the first-ever Clash of Clans World Championship at ESL One Hamburg from October 25 to October 27. It’s been revealed…

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Disable WhatsApp Notifications Without Deleting the App​

​Have you ever thought of deleting WhatsApp? Maybe you needed some quiet time or just wanted to stop receiving notifications. The one major downside of WhatsApp​ is that if you…

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your connection is not private

Your Connection Is Not Private Error In Chrome [SOLVED]

At one point in time, you probably tried to connect to a specific website link from your Chrome browser and got a message that says Your Connection Is Not Private….

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The Mysterious Medieval Female Warrior Was Not Actually a Viking

Recently, people have discovered a mysterious female warrior in a Viking grave in Denmark. She was thought to be a Viking. However, researchers have found the fact that she died…

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How to Hide The Skype Icon From Your PC System Tray​

The Skype we all know will soon be terminated as more and more people use the app’s Store built-in version for Windows 10. Some users who are already using Skype…

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