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Viber Update Arrives Today with Improved Group Communication Features

Viber is a powerful app that has been around for more than one decade. Viber made its name in the Android and iOS communities by providing users with a free…

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Discord – Chat for Gamers 9.1.0 Beta Update Introduces Lots of New and Exciting Chatting Features

Discord is the most popular chatting app for gamers and there is no doubt about that. There is a Discord community for every type of game and not just that…

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ios 11 calculator

iOS 11 Calculator broken on iPhone? Here’s the fix

Whether you’re using an iPhone 5S or iPhone X, if it runs iOS 11.1 through 11.1.2, the iOS 11 calculator app may not keep up with calculations owing to a…

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waiting for wifi

Google Photos App Waiting For WiFi? Get The Fix Here

Have you tried backing up your pictures to Google Photos app when connected to WiFi and found that it didn’t actually back them up? You probably even set Google Photos…

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Google Play Store 15.5.22 Update for Android is Now Available with Improved Software Stability

Have you ever wondered what is the best feature that the Android operating system has to offer? What is the reason why hundreds of millions of smartphones are powered by…

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