Google is making improvements to Waze

Waze will be able to provide precise directions for selecting the lane at the intersection, intersections and highway exits. Another feature taken from Google Maps is the new predictive algorithm based on artificial intelligence, able to provide more accurate estimates for the time of arrival at the destination.

If until now, Waze estimated travel times more based on statistics with car traffic observed over time, the new artificial intelligence-assisted algorithm will also take into account real-time information obtained from users’ devices in transit. The new system takes into account several aspects, such as the timing of the calendar and the quality of the road, speed limits, possible reported accidents and congestion caused by road works or closures of adjacent traffic arteries. Waze users also receive additional help from Google Assistant, taking the form of notification messages that will alert them to changing traffic conditions, proposing to adjust departure times.


The need to change Google Maps and Waze algorithms was exposed as clearly as possible this summer, when for routes calculated only on the basis of traffic history the error of the travel times provided increased by up to 50%, the algorithms could not compensate for unusual traffic. easily from the quarantine days. This is due to the fact that the application gives priority to traffic patterns in the last 2-4 weeks, not being able to adapt to exceptional situations that widely affect car traffic.

Another Waze addition also taken from Google Maps is Lane Guidance. Triggered at the intersection of intersections, passages or motorway exits, the function provides guidance for selecting the right lane for the maneuver to be performed.


Some countries also receive commuter functions, helping drivers and passengers to find themselves more easily with the help of Waze, possibly confirming the price of the trip in advance.

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