YouTube Music gets “helpful” playlists with self-selected songs based on your preferences

Google is constantly improving the YouTube Music service, the latest addition being a system of self-generated playlists based on those you create manually, artificial intelligence algorithms selecting songs you might like, using your listening history and playlist content. existing ones.

Called “assistive playlists”, they should provide a quick way to discover new content relevant to your listening preferences. Self-generated playlists are not final, and can be refreshed at any time with newly released songs using the Refresh button.

Also for discovering new songs, YouTube Music also offers the option for collaborative playlists, which allow you to create and edit playlists with other YouTube Music users. Then there is the option for playlists to attach directly to profile pages. Publicly visible, they allow you to show your music preferences to other users, instead, using acquaintances’ playlists to expand your music horizons.

Another interesting option is the “Mixed for You” section of the main YouTube Music feed. Here, users can try playlists created by Google, such as Mix Discover, mixes with newly released songs, Your Mix and a playlist with songs you liked.

The price of YouTube Music, similar to that of Spotify

The music streaming market is dominated by the Swedes from Spotify, with 113 million subscribers. In second and third place is Apple Music, with 60 million and 55 million subscribers, respectively.

Together, the two Google services have 20 million subscribers.

YouTube Music without ads costs $ 9.99 per month. For $ 11.99 / month, users also receive YouTube without advertising. The Spotify subscription also costs $ 9.99 per month.

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