The fascinating reason why a confiscated phone number was sold for $ 320,000

A phone number considered lucky was sold at an online auction in China for the equivalent of $ 324,184. The last five digits of this are number 8.

Eight sounds, in Mandarin, similar to the word for “prosperity.” That’s why the Beijing Olympics 12 years ago started at 08:08:08, on 08/08/08 (August 8, 2008).

The lucky number was confiscated by the Beijing authorities from an unknown person. Over 5,000 bids were made at the auction, from hundreds of people and companies.

Although the amount is huge, it is not the highest paid on a phone number. In 2017, a number that had eight digits 7 at the end was sold at auction, also in China, for the equivalent of $ 563,344. Seven sounds similar to the word “rise.” Moreover, the figure symbolizes, in Confucianism, harmony, the union between yin, yang and the five elements (earth, water, fire, wood and metal).

There is also a number that no one wants

Another figure considered lucky in China is three. This sounds similar to the word “birth.”

If numbers eight, seven and three are very popular, the same cannot be said of four, which sounds like “death”.

Numerology is still very important in Chinese culture. Many buildings do not have a fourth floor, and drivers refuse registration numbers that end in this number.

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