Samsung introduces AltZLife, a useful feature for those who use their phone for personal and business purposes

Samsung AltZLife allows you to keep private and service versions of your favorite Android applications on one device. For example, WhatsApp for work contacts and WhatsApp for discussions with friends and family.

Announced by the Samsung India division, AltZLife support is first added to the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 series, and will appear on even more Samsung phones with firmware updates.

AltZLife, a solution that saves you from the need for a service phone

Overall, AltZLife is an extension of two Samsung technologies already existing on almost all Galaxy phones, Knox and Secure Folder. In short, the new features make it much more convenient to switch back and forth between a normal mode and a private mode inside the Secure Folder, without having to configure different applications, possibly on different devices.

Functionality is ensured with the help of two tools Quick Switch and Content Suggestions. The first makes it easy to save separate profiles with settings for installed applications, which can be conveniently switched by pressing the Powert key twice. Basically, the Samsung phone acquires a second “personality”, which users can use to separate fun from serious business.

The second function, Content Suggestions, is to help manage content on your phone, AI technologies automatically identifying and directing pictures and other types of files to the Secure Folder storage space. For example, you can specify the face of the loved one or a certain type of image, detecting them automatically placing that file in the “personal” category.

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