LG Velvet could also be launched in a cheaper configuration with MediaTek Dimensity

After being launched in the spring with a configuration based on the Snapdragon 765 chipset and recently in a 4G version with Snapdragon 845, LG Velvet will also be available in a third hardware configuration. LG Velvet was recently listed on Google Play with a MediaTek Dimensity 800 processor, with a hardware configuration not very different from that of the 4G version. In fact, this variant could be a 5G budget alternative, this time.

LG seems to consider the LG Velvet phone a platform rather than a standalone device. Even if all three variants of LG Velvet will look identical on the outside and will offer largely the same features and a close level of performance, they are not exactly similar on the inside.

LG Velvet with Dimensity processor could be the “budget” 5G variant

First of all, the model considered “top” remains the LG Velvet 5G, the variant with Snapdragon 765, which will probably remain the most expensive in the company’s offer. Then, the LG Velvet variant with 4G, with Snapdragon 845 processor remains a budget variant, for those who do not want or do not have access to 5G connectivity. Finally, the model with Dimensity 800 processor could be a mid-range variant, which still offers 5G, but at a lower price and probably with lower performance than the Qualcomm processor variant.

The configuration listed on Google Play for LG Velvet with Dimensity 800 processor (MT6883) mentions 6 GB of RAM, just like in the case of the 4G variant. The Snapdragon 765 model has 8 GB of RAM. Also, the screen seems to remain unchanged, with Full HD + resolution.

LG has not yet officially announced this variant of LG Velvet, but it could be announced in the near future. This model may be dedicated to price-sensitive markets such as China and India. Users there would probably want a 5G phone, but the original LG Velvet model might be too expensive compared to the competition in the market. Thus, a variant equipped with a cheaper processor could be more attractive.

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