Caterpillar S62 Pro, the thermal imaging smartphone, receives a new design and improved hardware

Caterpilllar announces S62 Pro, a sleeker version of the famous thermal imaging smartphone, offering a larger screen and improved performance.

Overcoming the compromise made, however, the Caterpilllar S62 Pro is an upgrade over most relevant criteria. For example, the 5.2-inch screen present in the S61 gives way to a 5.7-inch one, which is true, also with 1080p resolution. Inside, the configuration based on Snapdragon 630 and 4GB RAM gave way to one with Snapdragon 660 and 6GB RAM. The storage space has been doubled to 128GB, and instead of Android 8.0 we receive Android 10 directly.

Also on the upgrade list was the Flir Lepton 3.5 sensor, S62 Pro offering a video resolution four times higher in thermal vision mode, or almost 20,000 pixels, without taking into account the magnification of the image obtained with the sensor based on visible light. For example, aided by increased resolution, the Caterpilllar S62 Pro is now much more capable of highlighting thermal bridges on home insulation, or a hot component in the equipment of a complex machine.

Caterpilllar S62 Pro is a slightly weaker model, but more elegant
Turning to compromises, the Caterpilllar S62 Pro loses the distance measuring tool based on the laser sensor, but also the sensor for measuring air quality, responsible for alerting the owner in case of exposure to volatile substances (eg flammable gases). The 3.5mm headphone jack output has also disappeared, the battery capacity decreases from 4500 to 4000 mAh and the camera resolution has decreased from 16 MP to 12MP, even if the optical sensor is a newer generation.

The Caterpilllar S62 Pro will be available starting in August at a price of $ 20 higher than the previous model, the manufacturer relying on the relative lack of competition in this segment of products to attract buyers.

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