The Galaxy S21 may receive a weaker Samsung chipset than the Ultra version

Because we already know almost everything about the Galaxy Note20, which will be officially unveiled on August 5, our eyes are already on the next smartphone from Samsung. The Galaxy S21 series, which would be launched next spring, could be extremely controversial, if the new rumors prove to be true. It seems that Samsung is preparing several models of Exynos chipsets that it will use, there may be major differences between the performance of the basic model and the Ultra version.

Galaxy S21 will again use an Exynos chipset produced by Samsung

According to Mauri QHD, a leaker on Twitter, Samsung is preparing the Galaxy S21 series with three models, as in the case of the S20 series. Thus, we will have a Galaxy S21, an S21 + and an S21 Ultra, but the differences between them could be bigger than in the past. It seems that Samsung is also considering including a different chipset on the base version, compared to more expensive models.

The tweet posted by Mauri HQD lists the three models, of which only the Ultra model and the basic S21 model have chipsets listed. It seems that Samsung is considering using an Exynos 991 or 992 next model that will precede the Exynos 990 model on the S20 series. This chipset will only be used on the base S21 model and will not include a GPU produced by AMD.

The Ultra could receive a processor made in partnership with AMD

Samsung and AMD announced a partnership last year, and in 2021 we could see the first chipsets resulting from this partnership. It seems that only the Exynos 1000 could be equipped with AMD graphics processors, which should be significantly more powerful, especially in 3D games and other applications with advanced 3D graphics.

The same source said that Samsung even considered using a chipset from 2020 on 2021 models, such as Snapdragon 865 or even Exynos 990.

Of course, these models would be launched in Europe. In the US, China and South Korea are expected even on the Galaxy S21 also Qualcomm chipsets, probably from the next generation, Snapdragon 875. Because Samsung is considering lowering the price of its phones, the base model Galaxy S21 could be delivered with a screen at 60 Hz, not 120 Hz, and the entire range of products could come without plug adapters or headphones in the package, just as Apple plans to do on the iPhone 12 series.

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