Galaxy Note 20 will be significantly more expensive than Note 10, rumors say

The price of phones has risen in the last few years with each launch, and the Galaxy Note20 series will not refrain from this rule. If you thought that last year’s models had too high prices compared to previous generations, this year a new Galaxy Note20 model will be even more expensive. The reason seems to be primarily the integration of standard 5G technology, last year it was only an option for more expensive models. Unofficial information reveals how much the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra models will cost when they are launched, on August 5th.

Galaxy Note20 will be significantly more expensive

We have become accustomed to very high prices, especially from Apple in the field of smartphones, but Samsung and other Android device manufacturers have started to exceed the prices demanded by the American manufacturer.

Samsung does not expect very high sales
Samsung knows that high prices will affect sales, and the S20 series has shown that customers are more price sensitive during this period. There are rumors that Samsung does not expect very high sales from the Note20 series, so it ordered fewer components from suppliers. Samsung previously said that sales below expectations for the Galaxy S20 series were mainly motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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