Choose an Epic Hero and Begin Your Adventure in The Third Age – A Fantasy Strategy MMORPG Browser Game from R2 Games

If you like to play MMORPGs but also like to strategize and build your own castle, then why not join The Third Age, a game from R2 Games.

The global publisher is known for releasing popular browser games like the more recent title Survivor Legacy and Robot Tactics Online, among the famous titles Wartune, Dragon Awaken, The League of Angels series, and Eternal Fury.

What will you experience once you begin your adventure in The Third Age? We’ve got you covered with a game preview!

The Third Age – A Popular Browser Game in 2020

We’ll start with an essential issue that R2 Games has fixed in the past few years: Flash games. League of Angels and other popular titles were built on Flash. Since Adobe has announced the death of Flash by the end of 2020, R2 Games has made optimizing their browser games to Html5 a high priority.

So, if you were asking how long The Third Age or any other browser games would survive, we’re certain they are all here to stay!

Now let us go back to some details about The Third Age (TTA) and gameplay.

The Third Age Gameplay

Players will need to choose an epic Hero that will become the leader of a realm. Be it a human, a goblin, an elf or a dwarf, you will need to become strong and unleash the might of your blade upon your foes. The stronger your hero becomes, the easier you will be to expand your realm and create a mighty army. Why do you need an army?

The story begins with you thrown into the middle of a battle between three nations. You will need to choose one: Watchmen’s Union, Storm Empire, or Blood Tribe.

Each nation has certain abilities and traits, and you can check more information on them after you have completed the starter quests.

R2 Games also has a list of handy guides for TTA, which you can find here: There is also a handy video at the bottom of this article.

Once you’ve chosen an allied nation, you will need to continue and expand your realm, build a castle, defeat other players and make sure you control many resources.

TTA comes with many quests and character progression, also offering a great story as you strive to become the best hero in the game.

The Third Age is Free-to-Play

The game is free to play, and it comes with some in-game purchases, which are purely cosmetic and do not affect your chances in succeeding in battles or character progression.

Feel free to try The Third Age from the official R2 Games website – Join the community in TTA on Facebook at this link –

You can head over to the publisher’s website and look for the other popular browser games here –


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