Hop in the New ‘Survivor Legacy’ Game and Save The Earth from Evil Forces that are Threatening all Life

Earth is generally a peaceful world, but someday it became flooded with zombies and other forces of evil who want to conquer it and kill all life forms. When the world has to deal with a tremendous scourge like this, it takes drastic measures to fix the problem. It’s only up to you to bring peace back to Earth once again. We’re talking about ‘Survivor Legacy‘, as previously reported by Digital-Overload.com, a brand new game released this month and developed by GameHollywood.

In this survival game, the protagonist was sent away from the planet to get his hands on useful resources. Meanwhile, the alarm was raised about horrendous forces of evil threatening all life on our beloved Earth. Your mission in the game is to save the planet from the danger of extinction. Simple!

The characters of this game have crazy looking but also ingenious design. From a dreadful clown to a girl playing with a sniper, the characters of Survivor Legacy can assure the player tons of hours of exciting gameplay. Let’s dive into more detail about some of the characters:

Steve, The Master of Rifle

Class: B

Type: Commando

Judging by his name, you would say that he’s just a regular guy. But Steve’s ways of reckoning are extremely savage and unorthodox. The dude carries along with many guns, and he’s an expert in playing with all of them in very deadly and painful ways for the opponent.

Hawk The Pivotal Shooter

Class: A

Type: Sniper

‘Survivor Legacy’ has plenty of snipers, because, you know, what gamer doesn’t like snipers? There are even girls maneuvering snipers in this game. Hawk is a survival specialist who can camouflage himself, maneuver the crossbow efficiently, and more. And yes, you’ve guessed it: his way of saying ‘Hello!’ is not too friendly.

Kentus, the King of Club

Class: S

Type: Commando

Never underestimate the ‘Survivor Legacy’ characters, because they can always be horrendous beyond belief. Kentus is another good example: tall, muscular, armored, and carrying around a huge bat. And the guy has bloodstains all over him. You don’t have to be Einstein’s successor to figure out how he got them.

The Destroyer Sally

Class: A

Type: Commando

Her name may sound innocent and she is a woman, but Sally is no chick to mess with. Her minigun is very damaging and she isn’t afraid of using it. Sally knows how to provide constant fire support to her comrades.

Name: Tycoon


Class: S

Type: Commando

This character is practically a cyborg. Being a former president of a corporation, Tycoon found a great way to become stronger by creating for himself a high-tech mechanical suit.

Barbie The Trickster

Class: S

Type: Vanguard

If you like the Joker from the famous Batman movies, then you’re going to love Barbie. He dresses as a circus clown and tries to make the others finding their strength to laugh. Barbie may be friendly sometimes, but you surely wouldn’t want to piss him off.

Rocky, The Crazy Sergeant

Class: S

Type: Grenadier

This fellow has the courage and strength of a lion. He has served his country in the army as a regular soldier, but he later felt the need of involving in deadly battles again. Rocky doesn’t like to fool around and you can guess for yourself that giving flowers to girls is not one of his hobbies.

How to get more Speed-up items and EX

You’ll have to simply find out who the Walkers are in the World and kill them. However, finding Walkers on the map isn’t difficult at all.

To find Walkers at a specific level, you’ll just have to use the Magnifier tool displayed on the left side.

Remember that the Survivor Legacy game has a lot more exciting content to offer when it comes to the gameplay. And furthermore, just what can possibly be more exciting and motivating than saving our beloved Earth?

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