Samsung Galaxy S20 vs. iPhone 11 – What Happened So Far?

Samsung has come to be a part of Apple’s marketing playbook. The S20 model comes with a great screen, a big battery, and probably the best cameras out there.

There are some pros

The display would be a 6.2-inch Quad HD+, and it will come with a Small Infinity-O hole punch. The battery is of 4,000mAh battery, and it will come with 5G connectivity.

There are some cons

This series will be the most expensive one coming from Samsung ever. And their phones are pretty big for “small” ones.

Apple’s phones might be smaller, but they are the best out there. The cameras are amazing, the battery life has improved a lot, and the hardware and software really make it a hard-to-beat competitor to Android phones. And let us not forget that Apple’s Face ID is still the standard for biometric authentication.

There are some pros

Apple comes with amazing apps, like iMessage and AirDrop. The software is stable, and the battery life has improved a lot over the years.

There are some cons

The iOS is customizable, and there is no USB-C port. They are also not compatible with 5G.

The iPhone 11 line made the iPhone 11 device the standard phone, and the premium version is the “Pro” option. Samsung has in its plan to do the same with its S20 line. The S20 device will be considered to be its baseline Galaxy device.

Why is Apple good?

iPhone 11 Pro has met fantastic performance with the battery, and it is all thanks to the structure of the A13 Bionic, and all the software improvements for iOS 13. iPhone 11 Pro can last to up to 4 more hours in comparison with the iPhone XS. The cameras had both good and bad reviews, and we’ve seen how Pixel 3 and Huawei’s flagship phones were better. But with the introduction of a third wide-angle camera, Apple has become the best one out there.

Why is Galaxy good?

The S10 series had a lot of fantastic reviews. These are really the best Android phones you can get. But that does not mean that it cannot get better. S20 seems perfect at the first glance. The display is excellent, with 120Hz refresh rates. It comes with 12GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. You can get 1TB with a microSD card.

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