Android 11 Update – Codename, Dark Theme and One-Time Permissions

The first Developer Preview for Android 11 was released today as a build aimed for developers. That means that the build is not intended for the average user, but it still provides a decent preview about what the new Android version will bring in store for us. This article will present to you some new Android 11 goodies.

The codename

Google named this the Android 11 Developer Preview, so you might believe that the official letter codenames for Android were dumped. However, that’s not the case – The preview built is referred to on-device as Android R.

Scheduling the Dark Theme

Android 11 embeds a feature that should have been introduced in ANdroid 10 months ago: dark theme scheduling. Android 11 allows users to set a custom interval for the system dark theme to come on, or let the device turn it on based on sunset and sunrise – basically an “auto” mode.

One-Time permissions

Like the previous year, when Google modified location permissions by giving users the possibility to allow apps only access location “while the app is in use,” Android 11 takes restriction and confidentiality to the next level – Now users have the “Only this time” option, alongside “while using the app.”

That might seem incredibly strict for apps that continuously require location access, but we’ll see how that turns out over time.

Screen recording

The screen recording feature that made a short-spanned appearance in some early Android 10 builds is back once more, and now it looks even better. It can be pinned as a quick settings shortcut in the form of an on/off button.

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