Take-Two takes Youtuber by Storm with many Accusations

Youtuber received several online attacks receiving copyrights accusations and more about the Borderlands game.

The absence of Youtuber, Matt ‘SupMatto’ Somers, was finally explained with a personal intervention of the Youtuber himself. He said that he was highly accused of the Borderland’s publisher, Take-Two Interactive, because of some copyright issues. The youtuber also explained that the company sent investigators to his own home.

Take-Two, on the other hand, stated that the Youtuber’s actions were too bad and he took a kind of illegal way for the Borderlands community. They also add that he succeeded to break their policies and bring to his fanbase some leaking information that they were confidential, too. However, Somers offered according to Take-Two, a negative and false experience.

The Youtuber, went on with detailing the actions took by the game company, stating that the people they sent were trespassing his property and asking him details on behalf of the Take-Two company. He also explained how he got his information about the game, by receiving a bad promotion of it and an encounter with a very accurate Twitch account, that contained a brief piece of unreleased Borderlands gameplay. The discovery of this account any many more let fans to explore the Twitch extension, receiving important information about the gameplay or other characteristic details. Somers recorded all of this information on his channel, that was later took off by YouTube.

After all of these he lost his Discord account due to his actions of selling, distributing cheats and promoting, even if he strongly insists that he is not involved at all. He is also uncertain about his future with this game, he believes in a comeback, but he said that he chose to be more aware and to not take things for granted, too.

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