iPhone 11 Interesting Features and New Changes

There is not too much time left until the launch of the new generation of iPhone if we look back at the previous releasing tradition. The anticipated event is in everyone’s attention and people are starting to speculate about the futures of the iPhone 11, as we unofficially call it.

The opinions are negative for the most part and we will tell you why. One of the features that has been disclosed from the inside, the triple-camera module, it’s not very appreciated by experts. They don’t find it special or appealing in any way, even if it should bring an improvement to the quality of the camera. For example, Gordon Kelly from Forbes thinks that people don’t need to rush to buy immediately the new iPhone and that it’s better for them to wait until next year.

The good news, as we find out from TechRadar, is that not all the iPhones will have this system incorporated, we have reasons to believe that only one is getting the triple camera module. We’re talking about what should be the iPhone 11 Max, while iPhone 11 and XR 2 will have a dual-camera system, identical to the one that iPhone XS and XS Max were equipped with.

So, what‘s new about the triple-camera system?

We have heard that the system it’s quite fancy. The reports say that it comes with a 12MP wide-angle lens. The main lense will have 12MP as well. We have also heard that the iPhone XS range will come with a telephoto lens.

Also, people are talking about the fact that the flash it’s supposed to be brighter. Besides that, something new will be added, the “smart frame” function. Its purpose is to adjust the blurry pictures with help from other camera lenses.

Regarding the front camera we can say the analysts expect to be very good. And if that’s not enough, iPhone 11 will be the first one equipped with an A13 chip which will make the new IOS smartphone even faster. Also, the battery is expected to last longer than before.

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