Touch ID Not Working [Full Fix]

Touch ID not working

Touch ID authenticates your identity on iPhone or iPad, so if it’s not working, you won’t be able to use fingerprint scans to unlock and access your device. You won’t even be able to scan the fingerprint to make purchases via App Store and other places.

Several conditions have to be available and right for Touch ID to work properly. If you tried to set up Touch ID on your iOS device and it won’t let you scan your fingerprint or complete setup, we’ve put together a list of troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve it.

Fix Touch ID not working

Preliminary checks

  • Check that your finger or the fingerprint reader is dry and clean. A lint-free cloth is useful in clearing away dirt, dust, oil, water, sweat or anything that can interrupt the reader and cause it not to read your fingerprint
  • Ensure you scan your fingerprint the right way. Touch the Home button lightly and give it a few seconds to read the print. Avoid pressing hard on the button and place the whole finger on the scanner and stay put as it scans
  • Remove your iPhone’s screen protector or casing if they’re getting in the way of the scanner. Phone cases tend to trap heat and prevent the Touch ID sensor from making accurate readings

Hard restart the iPhone

Touch ID is a temporary issue that can be fixed with a phone restart.

Disable Touch ID options

To do this:

  • Open Settings>Touch ID & Passcode
  • Disable options you see and restart the iPhone or iPad
  • Re-enable the features you want to turn on

Delete the current fingerprint and reboot

Delete the fingerprint you initially set on your iPhone and then restart the device. When it turns on again, set up the fingerprint by enrolling a new finger. The initial setup for Touch ID may not have completely or successfully finished setting up.

Update your device

You can do this via iTunes or wirelessly. Updates resolve any problems or bugs with Touch ID, and Apple could already have shared a few of these fixes.

Perform resets

Reset your device’s network settings to fix Touch ID not working or reset the device to erase all software and begin from default factory settings. The latter is a last resort fix, so try the others above before performing a full reset.

Contact Apple

Your iPhone or iPad could use some repair or expert touch to fix the Touch ID sensor or problems with it. You can also check for any damages if you serviced it yourself recently.

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