Google Photos Showing Blank Photos [Full Fix]

Google photos

Google Photos is a popular app for its convenience as you can easily and quickly get access to your photos and other media files from any device, in just one tap. Its design is simple and works fine, but sometimes, it gets a few issues with the media like showing blank photos.

While this may not be such a huge issue as such, it’s still frustrating and annoying because some of the photos are personal or official, and you need them urgently.

If you get blank photos when opening Google Photos, try the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue.

How to fix Google Photos showing blank photos

Check internet connection

In order to access and see your photos, you need an internet connection so that the Google Photos app will deliver what you need. If the connection is weak or unstable, you may see blank photos. Check that your connection is on and strong before trying the app again.

Change page style

You can also change the gallery layout in the photos app as sometimes bugs may cause your photos to appear blank. Try different layouts by doing this:

  • Open Google Photos app
  • Tap the three dots
  • Open Layout
  • Change layouts to either day, month or comfortable view

Clear app cache and data

Clearing app cache or data helps when apps are causing issues on your device. To clear the Google Photos app data or cache, do this:

  • Open Settings>Apps or App manager
  • Find Google Photos and tap on it
  • Tap Clear cache and then follow the same process to clear data

Note: clearing data will delete settings and completely reset the app.

Disable data saver

If you’re data saver is on and you’re using cellular data, the Photos app may show blank photos as it’ll try saving data as much as it can. To access photos from cellular data, disable data saver by doing this:

  • Open Settings>Network & Internet
  • Tap Data usage>Data saver and disable Use data saver option

Update The Photos app

Updating the app helps with some issues sometimes, because it helps improve the app’s functionality and its features. If the blank photos problem is caused by the last update, the next one may fix it as it comes with critical patches to resolve underlying issues. Update Google apps and the Photos app and check if it resolves the blank photos issue.

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