Google Maps App Not Talking In Android? You Can Fix That

Google Maps app

Have you ever relied on Google Maps to find your way around a place, or get to a destination, only to find that the app isn’t talking to you or telling you where to go, or just stops showing you directions?

It’s frustrating, but it can happen, so in case you’re in that dilemma and you can’t hear voice directions from Google Maps, try some fixes listed below so you can get navigation back and arrive safely to your destination.

How to get Google Maps App voice directions

To enable voice directions, take the steps below:

  • Open Google Maps>Settings
  • Tap Navigation Settings>Voice level
  • Select Guidance volume (this can be softer, normal or louder)
  • Enable Play voice over Bluetooth if using Bluetooth earbuds

With the voice directions enabled, read on for troubleshooting steps to fix Google Maps not working on Android.

Fix Google Maps App not talking in Android

Preliminary fixes

Check volume: the volume on your device may be low or muted, and you may not have noticed that. Tap on the volume button or check the device’s settings to ensure the ringer is on.

Turn on voice in Google Maps app: this is another obvious but sometimes overlooked setting. To check if voice is on in the Maps app, enter your destination and tap Start and then tap the sound button at the top right side to enable it.

Clear Google Maps app cache

To do this:

  • Open Settings>Apps or App Manager
  • Find Google Maps
  • Tap Google Maps>Storage
  • Now tap clear cache or clear data

Note: Clearing data will reset the app so your downloaded routes and maps plus settings will be deleted.

Check headphones

If you’re using Bluetooth earbuds or headphones for voice directions from Google Maps, check that they’re connected properly. You can take the steps we advised above to enable and reconnect the headset again.

Disable Bluetooth navigation

You may not be using Bluetooth earbuds or headphones, and instead you’re relying on your Android device’s speaker or wired earbuds for voice directions from the app. Disable Play voice over Bluetooth and see if it works. To do this:

  • Open Settings>Navigation settings>Voice level
  • Disable Play voice over Bluetooth

Update Google Maps app

Maps is an app just like any other and can get bugs too. If something prevents it from playing voice or talking back, you’ll know it. Update the app by going to Google Play store and checking for an update, and if available, click download and install the update.

Reinstall Google Maps

If Google Maps still isn’t talking, delete the app and reinstall it from Play Store. You’ll lose your downloads and settings, but it may solve the problem.

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