Google Play Store News: Critical Error Surfaced

It’s been just reported that Google Play Store error was preventing some users from checking particular apps for updates.

This is a limited bug, as 9to5Google reports. Other features such as searching for Android apps and downloading were still operational.

The online publication notes that tapping the refresh button on the “My apps & games” page returned an “Error checking for updates” warning after a loading attempt that lasted for a few seconds.

Uses didn’t know when the updates for Android would be available again, and the recent upgrades list was appearing blank.

The issue has since been fixed

It seems that Google acted quickly because the issue described above has been fixed. The online publication writes that the past app update reappeared.

“Additionally, swiping over to the Installed tab will not surface any of the apps you have installed on your device. The “Free up space” tool accessed by tapping storage at the top continues loading and fails to bring up your list of unused apps,” they write.

The Library and Beta sections are loading apps normally from the library. It’s also important to note that the rest of the Google Play has not been impacted by the Play Store updates error.

Search, listings, and downloading work normally. Users can navigate to a page where a known update is available at the moment.

The publication also pointed out that this bug was live on version 15.3.14 and 15.3.17 of the Play Store. It’s was affecting both the current design and the Google Material Theme variant.

The latest update for the store

Not too long ago, a new Google Play Store update brought critical bug fixes.

This came after so many malicious apps have been found in the Google Play Store.  The update also enhanced the overall performance.

The UI is faster and snappier in order for users to be able to enjoy great UX. The new Material Themed UI has been upgraded and improved as well.

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