Minecraft Sees Massive Success In China: More Than 1.36 Billion Mod Downloads

Minecraft‘s local publisher NetEase Games reported that 25,000 Minecraft mods have been created by more than 2,100 developers and have been downloaded 1.36 billion times in China.

The domestic registered players have passed a milestone of 200 million, and this makes China one of the biggest blocks of the game.

Minecraft’s transcultural success¬†

Tweaktown writes that while navigating the largest and fastest-growing game market, a lot of western games have been faced with cultural barriers.

The online publication points out to the fact that Minecraft’s transcultural success can be explained by how it has become integrated into modern China and its glorious past.

There are a lot of projects built at the moment that represent the ancient Chinese architecture in the game.

The same online publication mentioned above writes that “Minecraft China is being used to revive historic icons, such as the Forbidden City, and to provide the public a more interactive way to cherish them on mobile devices or PCs.”

The National Architect & Cthuwork Studio spent more than three years in order to recreate the Imperial Palace within the Forbidden city which used over 100 million Minecraft blocks in its construction.

It’s also worth noting that the team spent tons of time while doing extensive research before building in the city in the game.

Minecraft’s popularity on the rise

According to the latest reports, Minecraft’s popularity has been growing all over the world.

New data coming from Google Trends shows that the game was even able to surpass Fortnite Battle Royale.

If you’re wondering what are the reasons that boost the game’s popularity, Droidhere has some potential answers.

“One of the explanations is reportedly the fact that a new spin-off game has been the announcement at E3 and this might have sparked huge interest from players,” they write.

The online magazine said that “Another explanation could reportedly be that the player base that remains is searching for new downloads.”

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