The Video Game Industry Is About To Change

Streaming was able to boost the movie and music industry, without a doubt. CNN Business reveals that now it’s video game industry’s turn.

A few video game publishers have recently announced titles that are coming to Google’s cloud system, Stadia. This happened during the E3 conference, and Microsoft showed off its own Project xCloud during a demo.

The tech giants have promissed that sooner rather than later, via the cloud we’ll be witnessing many people all over the world playing high-end video games on a tablet or phone without having to lug around a PC or a console.

After video games become so accessible, the companies are hoping that they will be attracting even more new gamers, and this will lead to more sophisticated mobile games.

CNN writes that the “budding technology also prompts a lot of questions — like how many publishers are willing to jump onboard, whether internet connections are fast enough and which tech company will bring on the most adopters.”

Microsoft and Google – most important players in the field 

CNN’s article details what cloud gaming is and mentions the big players in this field.

First of all, they bring up Microsoft who showed off its cloud gaming tech Project xCloud just recently.

They continue and detail Google‘s Stadia which is set for launch this November.

CNN notes that these are the two massive players in the field, Google and Microsoft and they have some pretty significant advantages.

“There’s only a handful of companies that we believe can do this globally,” said Bill Stillwell, director of product planning for xCloud.

It’s been reported that Amazon is also working on its very own streaming service and more companies have already made their entrance in this market:  Nvidia’s GeForce Now and France-based startup Blade’s Shadow.

The original article continues and details more info about the whole ecosystem and how streaming will revolutionize it. We recommend that you head over to CNN Business and take look at it.

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